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Teach Kids Currency & Math Skills With The Money Game

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This is a great way for younger kids to practice addition and quickly learn the value of currency, while older kids can hone their multiplication skills. This is fun, and it's easy to modify the game lots of different ways in order to make it interesting for kids at any level. I think the fact that it uses real money makes it appealing for most kids, even ones who have an aversion to math.

Here is the basic instructions, and what you need to play.


  • Coins, as many denominations as you can find. This is a great use for fifty cent pieces and Susan B. Anthony dollars, but pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters are all you really need.
  • At least two dice. Normal six-sided dice to start, and if you want to make the game more challenging, add more dice and dice with more sides, all the way up to twenty-sided. These can be found at game stores & online.

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Roll the dice. Add up the dice and take that much money. If a 3 and a 4 are rolled, you would take 7 cents, or a nickel and two pennies. Once your child has several pennies, you can show them how to exchange five pennies for a nickel, or five nickels for a quarter, etc.

If two dice gets too easy, try using three dice. When addition gets too easy, roll two dice and multiply them. When that gets easy, roll three dice and multiply those. The more sides the dice have, the harder this will be. Even older kids may find it challenging and fun to use two twenty sided dice here.

We keep an assortment of change in a small wooden cigar box, along with a handful of dice. I have two kids at very different math levels, and they both find this game pretty fun and entertaining. We play until our box is empty of money, but you could also play to a certain dollar amount.

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What do you think? I would love to hear about other variations you may come up with. Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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Teach Kids Currency & Math Skills With The Money Game
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