Monday, March 7, 2016

How to Score a New Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime

Shopping for new clothes is a huge hobby for many people. It can be really fun, thrilling to find deals and treasures; but it can also really hurt later, when you get the credit card bill. Here's a totally fun, and completely free, way to overhaul your wardrobe.

There are many community gifting groups on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, and live anywhere near other people, there is likely already a local gifting or sharing group that you can join. If not, it's easy to start one and then just invite all your local friends, who will spread the word until you have a lovely, thriving group. Either way, it's a great way to ditch things you're ready to pass on, and acquire new things that you need, beautiful items that you didn't even know existed, and fun or educational stuff for the kids. It's great to be able to hand off something you're done with directly to someone who can use it. This really helps with my tendency to save everything "just in case I need it later".

Where exactly do all these free clothes come in? Well, things people are giving away are usually posted with a photo, and a brief description. This type of post can be tedious to do when you have a lot of stuff to give away, as people usually do when they clean out their closets. So people tend to offer a whole lot of clothes at once, which then get passed along to everyone who is interested in checking them out. People can try stuff on, keep what they like, add anything of their own that they don't want, and then pass everything along to the next person who wants to look through them. Most of my clothes are acquired this way, for the past few years. And every time I clean out my closet I send along what I won't wear anymore, or what my kids have outgrown, etc, to others in our gifting group.

There are various types of these groups, some with different rules, some more active than others. You can do facebook searches to see if there are any in your area, or click here to see if there is a Buy Nothing Project already in your area. For more info on starting a Buy Nothing group, click here.

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How to Score a New Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime
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