Monday, January 16, 2017

Keep Your Shower Squeaky Clean With This Simple Trick

We've lived in our house for nearly two years, and I've never scrubbed our tiles. There are SO many things I'd rather do! But dirty, funky grout looks nasty, so obviously we want to prevent it. This one very low cost shower tool will do it for you (along with the commitment to spend 30 seconds using it after every shower). Best part is, it doesn't require any cleaning products. Ever.

The simple shower squeegee. Probably costs a few dollars? I don't know; I got mine for free from my local Buy Nothing group. In our second shower, we use an old window squeegee that I bought at the Dollar Store years ago. For a dollar. We unscrewed the wooden handle that came on it, and just never use the spongy side. You can probably buy one that is actually attractive if you are willing to spend a couple dollars.

They both conveniently reside in their respective hanging shower caddies, so they're easy to grab right after we bathe. In our tiled shower, using the squeegee is totally straightforward: just swipe in long strokes from the top of the wetness (it's about shoulder height for us) to the tub rim, then swipe the water off the rim of the tub. It should all roll right into the tub where it will go down the drain instead of turning your grout black with mold. Work from one side of the shower to the other; the squeegee should leave it pretty much dry as you go. It's very satisfying when you think about never having to scrub your shower again.

In our vinyl shower, it's a little trickier because there are rounded corners that need to be squeegeed side-to-side, rather than vertically. If you have this kind, just start at the top and work your way down. Then sit back, enjoy your clean showers and all that sweet free time.

Please check out the following links if you're interested- any purchases made through my link help support our family. Thanks in advance!

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Keep Your Shower Squeaky Clean With This Simple Trick
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January 17, 2017 at 12:18 PM

YES! You have it right! That is what I do...and a little more. Friends thought my bathroom was brand new but it was remodeled about 8 years ago with all white ceramic tiles and grout yet is still sparkly white, grout and all. I squeegee it after each shower and then dry it down with my last shower's washcloth which then goes into the hamper and the washcloth I just used on my body (well rinsed out) goes over the curtain rod to dry for the next wipe down.