Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wash Your Car In The Rain!

rainy car wash

We had a drought most of the summer, but finally got a heavy rainstorm. Eric and I took this opportunity and ran outside with spray bottles of homemade cleanser and rags, and got absolutely soaked while our cars got clean.

I used to just grab the hose and some rags on sunny days, once my car had reached unbearable levels of grime, and go to town. Six months ago though, we moved to a house that has a spigot in the back, too far for the hose to reach the driveway. After living here for a while, parking under trees that constantly sprinkle our cars with sticky leavings, we finally realized our cars weren't actually going to wash themselves.

rainy car wash

Today, well into October, I woke up to pouring rain and decided to wash my car again. I had thought washing my car in the pouring rain might be doable only during the warmer rains of summer, but knowing I could change into dry clothes right after made it totally fine getting soaked.

This time I used a big bowl of warm soapy water, which I preferred to the spray bottle method.

rainy car wash

It's actually a bit fun. I know getting soaked while scrubbing away isn't for everyone, but I enjoy getting dirty once in a while. We spend so much time avoiding the rain here in Seattle, sometimes it's really amazing just to fully experience it. Plus, the only water I used was what it took to fill the bowl, and no rinsing required!

Just make sure you use a natural cleanser so that the drippings that wash into the gutters or your yard are not too toxic.

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Wash Your Car In The Rain!
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